North Point has the experience and diversity to handle any real estate need

The power to connect and align varied interests around a common purpose has always been key to unlocking real estate value. It’s a power that North Point and its partners have been harnessing for their clients and projects for decades. Across the board—from brokerage to development, from industrial to commercial to residential—North Point brings the resources, expertise, and most importantly, personal and proprietary relationships to the table to build enduring legacies and added value at every turn.

Headquartered in Savannah, GA, with offices and partnerships throughout the Southeast, North Point offers an end-to-end solution that adds exponential value to every development deal. We create professional, personal, and distinctly proprietary relationships and sell one thing: connection.

- Let’s connect, and build something great together. -

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Connected to our Partners

The good news is, we have deep, personal relationships throughout the real estate and development world. The even better news is, in many cases these are life-long personal and professional friendships, steeped in trust and respect. Ask around, our word means something. Our relationships with partners mean everything.

We’re Connected from End-to-End

We offer end-to-end solutions that add exponential value to every development deal. For investors, we offer best-in-class resources in port economics and forecasting, infrastructure, engineering, entitlement, legal and governmental affairs, construction and brokerage. For landowners, we offer global legacy development resources on a locally connected platform with personal connection to community. All in one place. All deeply connected and highly skilled, from technology to tailgate handshakes.